Going on Holiday, having to cope with work pressures, ill-health, or just a lot to do?
Do you have enough time for your dog?

My Service

In working together with you and your dog, trust is key. My primary aim is to ensure that you can relax when you are away from your pet because you know that your four legged, “family member” is in good hands.

My Service

My animal friend service offers full-service overnight care with me (walkies, games with fun and cuddling included!), in a small, integrated, and family setting in my private house -with large gardens, with other dogs and lakes nearby.

I offer intensive care; the dogs are always active - I'm here day and night for my guests! They can sleep in a bedroom in a comfy dog bed or in another location in the house - whatever your pet prefers. I stroke, pet and play with your dogs just as you would do. I brush their coat, clean their eyes/ears and generally take care of their total well-being.

I tailor my approach appropriate to your dog’s personality and exercise requirements – if needed your dogs can be “powered out” on long walks, or if they prefer have a gentle stroll and have a relaxed snooze by the fire. Boredom or homesickness does not exist here! I focus on the individuality of the wishes of my doggy guests and their owners.

Because all my guest dogs are treated as family members, your pet will have the full family experience whilst you are away.

Foto Heike Reiningshaus Foto Heike Reiningshaus

How it works

Our working relationship is based upon mutual trust.

Firstly, I will arrange a non-binding initial appointment to get to know you and your pet so you can happily imagine leaving your family member in my future care. During a subsequent fun test day with me, your dog learns that at the end of the day he will be picked up by you. That gives him security and confidence should your four legged friend stays for further visits to my home.

We also need to make sure we get the legal stuff right; according to lawmakers and Bavarian dog regulation certain legal requirements must be met.

For example, I need the following documents:

  • A copy of the insurance policy of a valid liability insurance for the dog
  • Valid tax stamp
  • Valid vaccination certificate

Please check whether your insurance policy also covers dog boarding centres and damages (doors scratches etc.). This could be e.g. when your dog is in a kennel, is in my possession or in my property or on premises used by me as well as (on the very rare occasion) any issues/injury that can sometimes arise when interacting with other dogs or people.

Should your dog incur any minor scratches, I can apply my recently acquired first aid course. In circumstances where your dog is unwell, I have on-going professional relationships with local vets.

If you have any questions please give me a call on my mobile telephone to discuss your requirements.

"Dogs will only feel comfortable , when people are relaxed with them." Dr. Ute Berthold-Blaschke

About Me

... I have a natural affinity to dogs – I understand them, and vice versa, they understand me...

Foto Heike Reiningshaus

Since being a little child, I was fixated on animals. As soon as I could walk I naturally went up to Great Danes, cats, toads, and so many more...

In my village where I lived, I was known as “the little dog walker”. When I was eight years old I had my first dog, a German Shepherd Zilla who lived on a farm – we had lots of fun and laughs. More dogs followed soon. I subsequently spent many happy days on my bicycle taking several of my large and small doggy friends on extended walks around the countryside.

During my studies in Kaiserslautern, I worked as volunteer over several years in an animal shelter, nearby to the American Army barracks. Unfortunately, some were abused. Many were anxious and aggressive and had been abandoned by the local American servicemen who had to return to the USA. Many of the dogs were Bull Terriers or Bull Terrier hybrids. So, I guess that became my specialty; providing a lot of care and individual attention, quickly regaining dogs’ trust, enabling them to obtain internal stability / tranquillity and confidence.

As always it is my key aim, that owners can go away relaxed, because they know their “family member” is in good hands.

From my love of exercise in the fresh air and helping animals I offer the care of your pets. I deliberately only take small, compatible groups of doggy guests at any one time. I can also work with a single dog guests as required.

Price List

I offer intensive care. Relaxed and happy guests are my goal. I focus on the individual wishes of my doggy guests and their owners. Everyone gets what they require.

Dog-walking service **

per Hour
25 €

Health Care

per clinic drive
55 €


per Hour
55 €

Overnight stay *

55 €

Overnight stay *

85 €

Overnight stay *

Difficult / Incompatible Dogs
180 €

** Household services e.g. dog walking are tax deductible
* Night / dog boarding half days will be charged as full days

A 24 hour stay includes at least 2-3 hours out walking plus lots of games, fun and cuddles

Approved by the Veterinary Office in Munich and approved dog pension pursuant to Section 11 Animal Welfare Act.

The Drop-off day will be charged with 20 € additional to the full day price.

We can meet in publc area, where we can introduce the dogs in relaxed environment
Parking facilities are in Ernst-Haeckel-Strasse or at the dog lakes


  • Healthy dog food catering at €7 per day is available.
  • Airport service per trip €80.
  • Pick-up and drop-off service €2.50 per km.
  • For difficult and/or incompatible dogs and puppies I charge €30 in addition to the daily charge.
  • €20 is charged when pickup/drop-off at weekend or unusual times.
  • €20 is charged where exceptional house cleaning is required.


Regular visitors, socially integrated dogs with other dogs, and animals that stay longer than 12 days, receive a discount.

It is important, that during the first few days, that your four legged friend feels comfortable with me. Consequently, I work intensively with the new arrivals to make them feel safe and relaxed. Your pet can sleep in a bedroom if it prefers human company at night.

Deluxe includes regular medication or other specials needs.


On weekends, I charge 20% extra. On public holidays (including bridges day) I take weekend plus a 50% supplement.

Special prices for the dog care at the Christmas (24, 25, 26) and New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Please email or call me me and I will give you an estimate.


The dog should be leash-trained, that means that your dog can walk next to or behind you on the leash in a relaxed manner
when you go for a walk and does not pull, tug or tear on the leash.

Especially in the case of insecure dogs or dogs with behavioural problems, being on the leash is a first step in giving the dog more guidance.
The leash as a connection between dog and owner can therefore definitely enrich the relationship.

I offer:

Lots of photos, lots of fun playing and walking, full family connection, massages, cuddles, well-intentioned advice, visits to the doctor, small groups

Contact Me

I am always looking forward to meeting new and existing guests. If you have any questions please give me a call on my mobile telephone.

Tierfreund-Service in Allach

Heike Reininghaus
Gleichplatz 35
80999 Munich-Allach

0151 263 71 344


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„A dog is a companion, who reminds us to enjoy every moment.“ Marla Lennard